60th Anniversary Campaign

In the early 1960s, the young violist Samuel Rhodes came to Marlboro to pursue his passion for music and play with and learn from such eminent artists as Rudolf Serkin, Pablo Casals, and violinists Alexander Schneider and Felix Galimir. Some years later, Mr. Rhodes was invited to join the illustrious Juilliard Quartet, an ensemble with which he has toured worldwide for four decades now, sharing lessons learned at Marlboro with audiences everywhere. Yet, he knew there was more to do—he wanted to return to Marlboro to give back to young musicians what his mentors had given to him so many years ago.

As we celebrate six decades, we watch with pride and gratitude as Samuel Rhodes and other celebrated artists sacrifice professional fees to live with, mentor, and develop the next generation of musical leaders. It is an amazing act of generosity by our artistic directors and their devoted colleagues. Yet they cannot do it alone. To provide the fellowships that our young musicians require and to maintain this special place, we need the help of all our friends. Just as others made Marlboro’s earlier years possible, we must sustain it today.

In celebration of our 60th Anniversary, we have initiated a campaign to augment our Endowment and Reserve Funds by $6 million. There are attractive ways to leave your mark on the Marlboro legacy: larger gifts can create permanent Endowment Fellowship Funds in your name, or whomever you wish to honor, assisting a young Marlboro artist each year. Other donations can be designated for funds honoring our artistic director, helping with housing or technology needs, or making possible new Musicians From Marlboro tour concerts in designated cities.

For maximum tax benefits, campaign gifts can be paid in installments over five years, through 2016. Contributions in any amount are vital to the success of the drive and are greatly appreciated. Please join us today with your support. For more information, please contact Jacob Smith, Development Consultant.

Please take a moment to enjoy our special 60th Anniversary publication, 60th Anniversary Reflections on Marlboro Music: