A Cause That Transcends Time:
Discovery & Renewal at Marlboro

We celebrate our 70th anniversary not only by recognizing Marlboro’s past but by noting the vital role it plays in the world today and its aspirations for the future.

Many members of this community believe that the lessons Marlboro offers extend beyond music, that its values and practices are applicable to advanced education more broadly and to many other fields, human endeavors, and social interactions. In exploring these themes, we asked musicians, trustees, staff, and family members to articulate their views of Marlboro: what makes it different, what lessons does it teach, how has it impacted their lives, and how may it influence and benefit other institutions and society at large?

In our printed booklet and the online gallery below, we share excerpts of their responses, accompanied by images of life on this bucolic Vermont hilltop and of some of the many musicians and others who have devoted themselves to Marlboro and its ideals, and to this art form that endlessly enriches and inspires us all.

Mitsuko Uchida, pianist & co-artistic director

“When you are in Marlboro the rest of the world disappears…” Read more »

Geraldine Batlle, family member

“The idea of an institution as a ‘family’ surely is unique among directors of any institution…” Read more »

Marcy Rosen, cellist

“When given the chance to delve into music that is 1 to 200 years young, the possibilities are endless…” Read more »

Nathan Hughes, oboist

“In an environment designed to foster the exchange of ideas, the power of music is amplified…” Read more »

Marlboro, in many ways, embodies what is possible in a “good society.” It is a place, an experience, a community of hope and possibility, a light on the hill that shines especially brightly into our world today, too often dimmed by many darknesses.

Luisa Saffiotti, trustee

Jonathan Biss, pianist & co-artistic director

“Each chamber music group at Marlboro has been an opportunity to throw myself into the study of music, with love, devotion, and a sense of shared purpose…” Read more »

Lydia Brown, pianist & vocal coach

“There IS still an absolute truth. Engaging with a score is still as important, perhaps even more now than it ever was. There are no shortcuts…” Read more »

Efe Baltacıgil, cellist

“I would tell my younger self to enjoy every bit of it and to find the meaning between the notes….” Read more »

Young musicians must take their courage in both hands and offer up their unique voice, no matter how vulnerable it may make them feel. —Kim Kashkashian, violist

Sally Chisholm, violist

“My role is to learn from the musical legends who share their wisdom, from future legends who are incredibly young but already full of soul, and from the music itself which has the potential to change us all…” Read more »

Brian Potter, communications director

“The founding ideals seem to permeate these hills, the dirt roads, the old farm buildings and stone walls…” Read more »

Ara Guzelimian, artistic consultant

“I did not know Mitsuko’s younger chamber partners, but each played with such commitment and passion. It did not take me long to hear of them as they made their way into distinguished careers…” Read more »

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