Marlboro musicians, staff, audience members, and visiting critics reflect upon and share their impressions of a place unlike any other.

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The Magic of Marlboro

Stream this four-part radio series on Marlboro hosted by Anthony McGill, a frequent Marlboro participant and principal clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic.

The Beethoven Choral Fantasy at Marlboro

In the vast communal memory of highlights at Marlboro, one work almost always enters into conversation, and it's not even chamber music.

The Value of Time at Marlboro - Jonathan Biss

The Value of Time at Marlboro

Marlboro "is a reminder that sometimes playing music doesn’t have to be about an end goal... sometimes the exploration and the love of the music itself is point enough."

A First Timer’s Impression of Marlboro

"Everything at Marlboro is modest, not grand or showy, and that modesty, I sense, is an inward, spiritual quality as much as a physical one."

The Glorious Strings: Galimir, Schneider, Casals

Reflections on a trio of Marlboro legends: Felix Galimir, Alexander Schneider, and Pablo Casals

Reflections from an Audience Member

Dr. Güneş Ege talks about discovering Marlboro as a student in 1956 and her experiences at the Festival over more than half a century.

Marlboro at Sixty

Guarneri Quartet violinist Arnold Steinhardt reflects on six decades at Marlboro.

Apple Tree by Philipp Naegele

Apple Tree

Violinist, scholar, and translator Philipp Naegele—one of the first young musicians to participate at the Marlboro—reflects on a Marlboro landmark.

Marlboro Musicians at Play

Musicians at Play

A strong family spirit permeates Marlboro and envelopes all who attend.

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