iPeter Wiley, cello; Anna Polonsky, piano; Kobi Malkin, violin. Photo by Pete Checchia.

Meet the Artists

Each summer, Marlboro gathers some 85 exceptionally talented instrumentalists and singers of widely varying ages, backgrounds, and points of view. New musical leaders are joined by eminent concert artists from around the world who live together for seven weeks as one nurturing and closely-knit family.

While in residence, the artists have the rare luxury of virtually unlimited time to rehearse works of their own choosing from the vast chamber music repertoire. These special, in-depth collaborations allow the musicians to exchange ideas, test new approaches, get to the heart of the music, and make lasting discoveries. After three weeks of rehearsals, Marlboro shares its music-making on five weekends of public concerts.

Marlboro performances are also heard through our off-season Musicians from Marlboro national touring program and on radio broadcasts, recordings, and streaming from our website.



Jonathan Biss
Bruno Canino
Janice Carissa
Gloria Chien
Filippo Gorini
Ieva Jokubaviciute
Ariel Lanyi
Kuok Wai Lio
Eric Lu
Cynthia Raim
Ignat Solzhenitsyn
Mitsuko Uchida


Claire Bourg
Lucy Chapman
Nick Eanet
Anna Göckel
Brian Joonwoo Hong
Meesun Hong Coleman
Maria Ioudenitch
Soovin Kim
Alina Kobialka
Amy Lee
Geneva Lewis
Lun Li
Joseph Lin
Ji Won Song
Mark Steinberg
Arnold Steinhardt
Stephen Waarts
Hiroko Yajima
Inmo Yang
Itamar Zorman
Stephanie Zyzak


Misha Amory
Jordan Bak
En-Chi Cheng
Sally Chisholm
Jonathan Chu
William Coleman
Beth Guterman
Hsin-Yun Huang
Hwayoon Lee
Zoë Martin-Doike
Tanner Menees
Jing Peng
Samuel Rhodes
Timothy Ridout
Zhanbo Zheng


Efe Baltacıgil
Nathan Chan
Oliver Herbert
Alexander Hersh
Coleman Itzkoff
Alice Neary
Chase Park
Timotheos Petrin
Edvard Pogossian
Christoph Richter
Marcy Rosen
Sayaka Selina
Yi Qun Xu
Julia Yang

Double Bass

William Langlie-Miletich


Giorgio Consolati
Joshua Smith


Mitchell Kuhn
Frank Rosenwein


Alexander Fiterstein
Bixby Kennedy
Yoonah Kim
Charles Neidich


Jacob Thonis
Peter Whelan


Yevhen Churikov
Richard King
Alberto Menéndez Escribano


Caitlin Aloia, soprano
Kristina Bachrach, soprano
Marie Engle, mezzo-soprano
Rebecca Printz, mezzo-soprano
Daniel McGrew, tenor
William Socolof, bass-baritone

Vocal Program

Lydia Brown
Ken Noda
Anja Strauss
Benita Valente

Composer in Residence

Libby Larsen

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