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Marlboro has been fortunate to receive in-depth profiles in the local, national, and international press. Below is a selection of notable articles that have been written about Marlboro, exploring what Alex Ross (in his 2009 New Yorker feature) calls “the classical world’s most coveted retreat.”

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Choral Fantasy tradition closes Marlboro’s 72nd season

Pianist and Co-Artistic Director Jonathan Biss led an exciting performance of Beethoven’s “Choral Fantasy,” Op. 80... (It) sounded great and was filled with joy — enthusiastically shared by the audience," writes Jim Lowe in his Times-Argus review (2023)

Musicians from Marlboro – Spring 2023 Review

"Six expert young Marlboro alumni performed music from Beethoven to Paul Wiancko with skill and understanding," writes Jim Lowe in his Rutland Herald review of Musicians from Marlboro's spring 2023 concert at the Brattleboro Music Center (April 10, 2023).

Musicians from Marlboro – Spring 2023 Preview

"The environment of Marlboro, as well as the world-class musicians who are in residence there, has unsurprisingly fostered some of the most memorable music-making of my life," says violinist Alexi Kenney in this engaging pre-tour Q&A with Washington, DC's WETA Classical Score that also features soprano Lucy Fitz Gibbon (April 2023).

Spectacular Mozart closes 71st Marlboro festival

"The festival’s final concert of its 71st summer was truly representative of the music making at perhaps the finest chamber music school in the world," writes Jim Lowe for the Times-Argus (2022).

For Marlboro Music, a new era

"The gift of having time to polish and perfect a performance of a piece has been a big reason why a summer at Marlboro Music is a must-do for chamber musicians from all over the world," writes Annie Landenberger in a feature on the festival and Marlboro's acquisition of the Potash Hill campus (The Commons, 2022).

Musicians from Marlboro – 2022 Fall Tour Review

"A handful of accomplished young musicians joined by select (senior artists) presented a satisfying and diverse program at Carnegie Hall as part of the Musicians from Marlboro 2022–23 tour," writes Leah Hollingsworth in The Strad magazine.

Collaboration in Vermont

Clive Paget explores the traditions that bring generations of chamber musicians together at Marlboro in a feature for Steinway Magazine (October 2019).

Alina Kobialka, Janos Palotyjay, and Peter Wiley perform at Marlboro

The Joys of Marlboro Music: Chamber Music’s Best-Kept Secret

"The Festival has become a musical lodestar: a place of pilgrimage where devotees can hear exceptionally gifted young professionals and established artists of the greatest stature," writes Christopher Sallon in a feature for Seen & Heard International (August 27, 2019).

Marlboro Music

Marvels from Schumann and Schoenberg at Marlboro

"Marlboro audiences have come to expect uncommonly high playing standards... and Saturday's concert was no exception," writes David Weininger in a review for the Boston Globe (July 29, 2019).

Itamar Zorman, Jonathan Biss, and Alice Yoo at Marlboro Music

A Guiding Hand

Co-Artistic Director Jonathan Biss talks about the work that goes into making the Festival run smoothly in this 2019 season preview in the Commons (July 10, 2019).

While Marlboro season closes, tradition continues

Emblematic was Saturday’s excellent and musically probing performance of Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 13 in B-flat Major, Op. 133, using the original Große Fuge ending (August 18, 2018).

Finding a Musical Ideal in the Vermont Woods

"The most extravagant gift Marlboro offers participants is a commodity that has become only more precious: time." Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim of the New York Times captures essential truths of this unique musical community (July 24, 2018).

New Yorker

The Music Mountain

In-depth feature on Marlboro in the June 29, 2009 issue of The New Yorker, written by Alex Ross, in which he proclaims Marlboro “the classical world’s most coveted retreat.”

Youth and Veterans Make Marlboro Unique

"The Marlboro Music Festival opened its 68th season with two concerts that justified its place as one of the most important in the world." —Jim Lowe, Rutland Herald (July 16, 2018).

Equality Prevails at Marlboro

"The afternoon brought together artists from all different stages of their careers," and together, Musicians from Marlboro provided "fiery takes on Boccherini, Bartók, and Ravel that also showcased humor, expansivity, and refinement" (March 13, 2018).

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