iItamar Zorman, violin; Mitsuko Uchida, piano; Lionel Cottet, cello; Charles Neidich, clarinet

What Makes Marlboro Unique

Marlboro Music is known world-wide as an institution devoted to artistic excellence and to developing new leaders who illuminate all areas of music. It is where the concept of having master artists play together with exceptional young professionals was born—initiating a dynamic, collaborative approach to learning. Under the artistic direction of pianists Mitsuko Uchida and Jonathan Biss, leading musicians spend up to seven weeks exchanging ideas and rehearsing in depth some 250 chamber music works each summer.

Since 1951, generations of the world’s most respected musicians have come together on the Potash Hill campus in the rural town of Marlboro, Vermont (population 978) to share their perspectives and learn from one another, to inspire and be inspired. Participants are drawn also by the warm, supportive family atmosphere, where musicians, staff, spouses, and children share meals, seminars, chores, social, and recreational events—creating a unique musical, human community.

After three weeks of in-depth rehearsals, a portion of the musical collaborations are shared with audiences at weekend concerts, held from mid-July to mid-August. Audiences share in a spirit of discovery, experiencing exciting young musicians and hearing insightful interpretations of chamber music masterworks and unfamiliar pieces played with great passion and joy.

Marlboro is about the idea that time is the most precious commodity, and the most important ingredient in a musician’s life.  – Jonathan Biss

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