iGustav Otto Rivinius, cello; Rudolf Serkin, piano. Photo by Pete Checchia.

Securing Marlboro for Future Generations

Created in conjunction with our 60th Anniversary, the Serkin Legacy Society pays tribute to friends who have participated in our Planned Giving Program with bequests or gift annuities as well as those who intend to leave bequests to Marlboro Music.

To join us in investing in Marlboro’s future, please contact Patricia Manley at 215-569-4690 or by email at pmanley@marlboromusic.org.

Serkin Legacy Society Members

Andree Abecassis
Carolyn E. Agger
André A. & Nussia Aisenstadt
Liesa and Milton Allen
Alfredo Amman
Herbert J. Ashe
Jane H. Bach
Michael Basta
Willo Carey & Peter A. Benoliel
Hildred Z. Bircher
Mildred B. Bliss
Jean Tennyson Boissevain
Helen C. Bosson
Carl & JoAnn Bottcher
Marjorie Bragdon
Laura Brayton
Holly Elissa Bruno
Carol Laise Bunker, in memory of Elizabeth Stevens Laise
Anthony Checchia & Benita Valente
Eileen Tate Cline
Judith & Isidore Cohen
Peggy Cooke
Charles E. Crook
Ramona M. Cutting
Joseph A. Davenport, III, in memory of Lilliore Decker Morgan & Letitia Morgan Davenport
Raymond H. Dearden
David Decker
Terry Desser, M.D.
Elizabeth B. Doten
Dr. Hildegard Durfee
Güneş N. Eğe, MD
The Hon. Abe Fortas
Sidney M. Friedberg
Felix Galimir
Henry E. Gerstley
Christine Gessler
Martin D. Gettry
Barbara and Robert Glauber
Ernest Goldman
Frederick Goldman
Jacob (Jack) Goldman
Lucy Gratwick
Johanna Graudan
Marsha Gray
Margaret and Maurice Griffel
Jean B. and Eberhard Gromoll
Ara and Janet Guzelimian
Liesel Hamburger
Roxanna Hammond
John Hayward
Lois Hayward
Hedrina G. Heineman
Eliot P. Hirshberg
Martha Hitchens, in honor of Robert Lentz
Frederick Holborn
Dorothy R. Holcomb
Judith and Richard Hurtig
Elinor W. Janeway
Maximilian and Paige Kempner
Donna and Hans Kilian
Leon Kirchner
Esther G. Klatz
Andrea Klepetar-Fallek, in honor of Fred Fallek
Irving & Miriam Klothen
Kenneth L. & Eve Klothen
Margot Konerding
Florence Kopleff, in honor of Anthony Checchia & Frank Salomon
Klaus Peter Kuschel
Florence S. Lackner

Florence D. Leach
Maria Luisa Lederer
Owen and CiCi Lee
Ida Levin
Matthew Levison
William Lindgren
John E. Little
William Lockeretz
Martha L. Lowenstein
Walter Lowey
Andrew Ludasi, in honor of Agnes and Gabor Ludasi
Heinz and Marianne Luedeking
Gertrude H. Lynn
Philip & Wendy Maneval
Joseph Mann
Kenneth McNeil
Eugene I. Meyer
Gjon Mili
Alan Mittelsdorf
Irving and Adele Moskovitz
Elizabeth Frothingham Moore
Josephine Lee Murray, in honor of Marcel Moyse
Pamela and Paul Ness
Kate Netter
Alex and Ronan O’Gorman, in memory of David Decker
Paul N. and Dorothy Olson
Helen Walker Parsons
Lotte Posner
Florence A. Putschar
Jerome and Celia Bertin Reich
Miriam T. Rudulph
Mary B. Russell
Luisa M. Saffiotti
Edgar Salinger
Frank & Martha Salomon
Ruth Scott Seaton
Christopher Serkin & Kimberly Greenberg
John Serkin & Catherine Kurland
Charlotte A. Shatkin
George Shumlin
Frederick and Jane Sillman
Richard M. Sloane
John G. Sommer
David & Janet Soyer
Margaret R. Spanel
Jean Spitzer
Marion Sprauge
Stephen and Elaine Stamas
Julius Steiner
Marylen R.I. Sternweiler
Hella M. Street
David Sudarsky
Barbara Swain
Peggy and Frank E. Taplin, Jr.
Gerald & Bernice Tell, in honor of Janet & David Soyer
Ruth E. Thomas
Harvey Traison, in honor of Samuel & Ruth Traison
Edith B. Troyer
Alice Tully
Marieluise Vogel
Dr. Ellen P. Wiese, in memory of Dr. Walter J. Wiese
Jean E. Wilder
John Will
David W. White
Gladys W. Winter
Arlee Woldar
Malcolm & Marjorie Wright
Ruth Wright
Hedley E. Yost
Phyllis G. Young
Ray & Joan Zumoff

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