The Francesco von Mendelssohn Fund

Assisting outstanding Marlboro participants—in early stages of their careers—to purchase high quality musical instruments


In the early 1970s, Francesco von Mendelssohn, a friend of Marlboro Music co-founder Rudolf Serkin, donated a cello made by the legendary Antonio Stradivari. Mr. Serkin realized that rapidly increasing costs were making it very difficult for young artists to purchase the high quality instruments they required. He felt that, instead of lending out the cello to a single artist, it should be sold and the proceeds used to provide low interest loans to benefit many deserving young players.

Since its establishment in 1989, the Francesco von Mendelssohn Fund has had a huge impact, providing some $9 million in loans that have enabled more than 250 Marlboro participants to purchase new instruments. As these loans are provided at below-market interest rates, affordable to artists at the start of their careers, contributions can play a key role in sustaining the Fund and ensuring that loans will continue to be available for the next generation of exceptional young musicians. Your tax-deductible donations to the Von Mendelssohn Fund are of much help and greatly appreciated


To contribute, please visit and designate your gift to the Francesco von Mendelssohn Fund.

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