Musicians Perform at Marlboro

Musicians perform at Marlboro

More than sixty-five years ago, a small group of renowned musicians from around the world came together on a farm on a beautiful mountainside in rural southern Vermont to share their love of chamber music in a peaceful, unhurried setting. They invited exceptional young professionals to join them in taking time from their usual concert activities to exchange ideas and to live, play and learn together.

From this simple beginning emerged an institution like no other—one that has ignited an explosion of interest in chamber music throughout our nation, provided a new model for advanced professional training, and shaped and refined the artistry of generations of musical leaders.

While our founders have passed away, their legacy and example remain very much alive and, now, are in our hands. Marlboro continues to be made possible through the generosity of our artistic directors and their colleagues, and by people who, through their support, make the dream of attending Marlboro come true for new generations of wonderfully talented young musicians.

Please join us today with your tax-deductible donation. It is greatly needed and deeply appreciated.