Attending Open Rehearsals


Pianist and former Co-Artistic Director Richard Goode once said that Marlboro “…is a place where people get together in order to immerse themselves in what they love and to rediscover the reasons why they love it.” At the heart of the summer program is a focus on rehearsals, some of which are shared with the public in Persons Auditorium.

Open rehearsals begin during the week of July 8. Rehearsal schedules are posted at the beginning of each week (on Sunday or Monday) and include works that will be performed on the following weekend’s concerts. If you have any questions, please contact us at 802-254-2394 (mid June-August) or 215-569-4690 (Sept-mid June) or email [email protected].

Please note that rehearsal schedules are subject to change or adjustment as needed.

2017 Concert Hall Rehearsal Schedules