Public Concert VII

Friday, 03 August 2012 at 8:30 PM

 All proceeds from this evening’ s performance will benefit the Marlboro Alliance, Marlboro Volunteer Fire Company, and Rescue, Inc.  We are very grateful for the outstanding work they do.  

  • Deux rapsodies (1901) Charles Martin Loeffler
    (1861 - 1935)

    • L’étang
    • La cornemuse
    • Hassan Anderson, Oboe
    • Sally Chisholm, Viola
    • Lydia Brown, Piano
  • Cetera desunt: String Quartet No. 3 * (2006) Lera Auerbach
    (1973 - )

    • I. Dicis et non es [You, who speak, but don't exist]
    • II. Sic ego non sine te... nec tecum vivere possum [With or without you... life is impossible]
    • III. Dicis et non facis [You who speak, but do not act on your words]
    • IV. Nec tecum vivere possum... sic ego non sine te [Life is impossible... with or without you]
    • V. Adventatis asinus, pulcher et fortissimus [The ass is coming, strong and full of glory]
    • VI. Si vis pacem, para bellum [If you want peace – prepare for war]
    • VII. Non omnia moriar [Not all of me will die]
    • VIII. Cetera desunt [The rest is missing]
    • Soovin Kim, Violin
    • Michelle Ross, Violin
    • Mary SangHyun Yong, Viola
    • Marcy Rosen, Cello
    * First Marlboro Performance

  • String Quartet No. 2 'Intimate Letters' (1928) Leoš Janáček
    (1854 - 1928)

    • Andante
    • Adagio
    • Moderato
    • Allegro
    • Caroline Goulding, Violin
    • Joseph Lin, Violin
    • Mary SangHyun Yong, Viola
    • Zhou Yi, Cello

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