Marlboro Fest 40th Anniversary

Busch, Schubert

Marlboro Fest 40th Anniversary- Busch / Schubert

Divertimento for 13 Instruments, Op. 30 Adolf Busch

Odile Renault (Flute), Caroline Levine (Viola), Carolyn Davis (Double Bass), Robie Brown Dan (Cello), Rudolph Vrbsky (Oboe), Cheryl Hill (Clarinet), Stefanie Przybylska (Bassoon), Robin Graham (French Horn), Stewart Rose (French Horn), Henry Nowak (Trumpet), Neil Grover (Timpani), Isidore Cohen (Violin), Irene Serkin (Violin), Sol Schoenbach (Conductor). Marlboro Festival Orchestra

Recorded in August 1982

Trio for Piano and Strings No. 2 in E-flat Major, D 929/Op. 100 Franz Schubert

Rudolf Serkin (Piano), Adolf Busch (Violin), Hermann Busch (Cello)

Recorded in October 1951

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