Marlboro Fest 40th Anniversary


Marlboro Fest 40th Anniversary – Schoenberg

Serenade, Op. 24 Arnold Schoenberg 

Samuel Rhodes (Viola), Madeline Foley (Cello), Harold Wright (Clarinet), Don Stewart (Bass Clarinet), Stanley Silverman (Guitar), Jacob Glick (Mandolin), Jaime Laredo (Violin), Thomas Paul (Bass), Leon Kirchner (Conductor)

Recorded in 1966

Chamber Symphony No. 1 in E Major, Op. 9 Arnold Schoenberg

Patricia Rogers (Bassoon), Felix Galimir (Violin), Sarah Kwak (Violin), James Dunham (Viola), John Sharp (Cello), Carolyn Davis (Double Bass), Robbie Lynn Hunsinger (English Horn), Cheryl Hill (E Flat Clarinet), Steven Jackson (Clarinet), Kenneth Radnofsky (Bass Clarinet), Odile Renault (Flute), Rudolph Vrbsky (Oboe), Donald MacCourt (Contrabassoon), Stewart Rose (French Horn), Victoria Eisen (French Horn), Odile Renault (Piccolo)

Recorded in 1982

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