The Landmark Trust USA

Our 5 historic properties are perfect for festival goers who value an authentic historic stay with a purpose. Stay at Naulakha, Rudyard Kipling’s 1892 4 bedroom estate where he wrote “The Jungle Book”; The Carriage House, a unique 2 bedroom Shingle Style house once home to Kipling’s carriage driver; a charming 1 bedroom converted 1915 Sugarhouse; the tranquil 3 bedroom 1802 brick colonial Amos Brown House, a birdwatcher’s paradise; or the 1849 4 bedroom Dutton Farmhouse overlooking Scott Farm’s heirloom apple orchard.

All whole house property rentals are under 30 minutes from Marlboro, located in beautiful Dummerston and Whitingham, VT. Some properties also accept up to 2 dogs. All proceeds support our nonprofit mission to restore historic properties through creative and sustainable uses for public enjoyment, education, and inspiration.

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