A place like no other - where master artists and new musical leaders live, learn and explore great chamber music together in the foothills of southern Vermont, and where audiences make musical discoveries that last a lifetime.

Our Spirit

Since 1951, Marlboro Music has played a leadership role in the development of chamber music worldwide, and in enriching the artistry and changing the lives of generations of exceptional musicians. For seven weeks each summer, concert artists of widely varied ages and backgrounds come together as one closely-knit musical family.

  • "A place where mature musicians can recover their wind and deepen their art, in companionship with others...it has become a dire necessity."
    – Peter Heyworth, New York Times

They have the unique gift of unlimited time to study in great depth works from the vast chamber music repertoire. Under the guidance of Artistic Director Mitsuko Uchida, the resident artists share with one another, and with audiences from around the world, the joyful and inspired results of their intensive collaborations. We invite you to join us at what New Yorker Magazine calls "the classical world's most coveted retreat."