iPhoto by Clemens Kalischer.

Auditions Policy

There is no fee to apply or audition for Marlboro. Applicants are judged solely on the basis of artistic merit; there is no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, background, religion, or sexual orientation.

Due to the small size of Marlboro and the large number of applications we receive, our auditions are highly competitive. Applicants who wish to re-audition in a subsequent year should contact our admissions director, Jennifer Loux, by phone or email (jloux@marlboromusic.org; 215-569-4690) to see if space will allow for a second audition. We will try to arrange this, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible. In order to make room for new applicants, we regrettably must limit candidates to a maximum of two auditions in different years.

Piano, string and, vocal applicants should submit a CD recording in addition to a completed application form. Please see our applications page for recording requirements, or contact Jennifer Loux. Woodwind and horn players need only submit an application, but recordings may also be requested at the discretion of our auditions committee.

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