Commercial Recordings

Marlboro occasionally issues recordings to share the wonderful music making that occurs in Vermont each summer. They are a wonderful way to experience quintessential Marlboro performances and repertoire or to evoke memories of especially meaningful performances from the past.

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Marlboro Fest 40th Anniversary – Mozart Serenades

Featuring Mozart Serenades for winds and strings (Nos. 11-13)

Marlboro Fest 40th Anniversary – Mozart

Featuring the "Gran Partita" and Duo for bassoon and cello

Marlboro Fest 40th Anniversary – Mozart Symphonies

Casals conducts a trio of treasured symphonies by Mozart

Marlboro Fest 40th Anniversary – Schoenberg

Featuring Schoenberg's Serenade and Chamber Symphony #1

Marlboro Fest 40th Anniversary – Schubert

Of particular note on this 40th anniversary recording is the deeply felt Schubert String Quintet with one of the most serene second movement adagios on record.

Marlboro Fest 40th Anniversary – Schumann, Schubert

Schumann's Symphony #2 and Schubert's "Unfinished" #8

Schubert: Auf dem Strom, Der Hirt auf dem Felsen; Brahms

Iconic recordings of Schubert and Brahms songs featuring Benita Valente and many other beloved Marlboro artists.

Chamber Music from Marlboro LP

Just how ideally this music of love and desire fits in with the workshop atmosphere of Marlboro Music is fully evident here.

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