Hyunah Yu, soprano

Her first of four tours was in 2004-05

(2005 DC Tour)

…I remember during that tour, particularly when we went to New Orleans, as we were riding in a van everyone was so tired but especially Sammy fell asleep with his mouth so wide open I snuck some pictures of him…and we laughed SO hard afterwards!! As tiring as it was to travel, I remember feeling so full of life, so happy especially as I sat quietly backstage listening to the second half and thinking….Wow, I am the luckiest person alive….!

(2006 Philly Tour)

…I hoped, then, to be able to do what Gil was doing, giving so much of himself for music and for the younger musicians. Gil was such a grounding force for everyone. I do remember we had a rehearsal at Gil’s apartment one time before the tour began and he made a sandwich for me. The bread was exceptionally delicious, and I asked him where he buys his bread. Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes when he handed me the beautiful loaf of bread a few days later when we met at DC Union Station. He brought the loaf with him on the train all the way from NYC!!!  Mark Twain said, “Actions speak louder than words.”  Gil’s music making reflected his actions, his kindness and no-nonsense approach to life, music and people.

And of course, I owe Frank my huge grateful heart for giving me such priceless and precious opportunities, memories, and the privilege to be a part of such an incredible “family”!!  I remember receiving the phone call for my very first MFM invitation…I was at a swimming pool (I remember it like it was yesterday!).  I remember screaming a really loud “YES!!!!!!” and bouncing up and down as soon as we hung up, and the lifeguard running over to me to make sure I was ok.  I DO treasure all the wonderful memories of my MFM tours, even the third one with Nick Phan which unfortunately had to come to an end abruptly…!

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