Pamela Frank, violin

Her first tour was in 1987-88 when she was 20

I actually credit those Marlboro tours with me being able to do what I’m doing now, because I traveled everywhere on those tours…It was just unbelievable to go to see so many places with all your friends to play that great music every night. How much better does it get, that that can be your job?  I was doing Marlboro tours when I was still in school and then when I graduated that was sort of all I did.  And because of that, I got to play in places where other people heard and actually had me back either with their local orchestra or in recital.  So, Marlboro tours really started my career.

It keeps Marlboro going all year for the audience and the participants, because it’s so sad to leave Marlboro. There’s a total withdrawal that happens when you leave. So, to me, that was the greatest way of just keeping it alive and I never had to suffer the sadness again because I knew a Marlboro tour was coming.

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