Richard Stoltzman, clarinet

The first of four tours was in 1968-69

Naturally Marlboro resonates to the endless reverberations of great tones and great tales. The Linzertorte legend, the drunken ditch, the streaking, the shoe smorgasbord, the floating woodwinds, the Messiaen/Biblical Quotes tour, naughty napkin orgies, movie nights, Izzy nights, etc. Here is yet another Marlboro vignette…

Lorn Hollinder, Bobby Routch and I stole the schedule board from the dining hall late on a Sunday night after it had been laboriously and patiently assembled by the prescient Endel Kalam. Using Lorin’s VW Camper, we surreptitiously hoisted the huge board out the back door into the van at 2:30 am. Four hours later we were on the road to the Museum where Marlboro participants would arrive at 11 am to enjoy a private viewing of art and artifacts. Along with the many fascinating exhibits, they had the unique opportunity to experience an ancient plinth from the exotic, legendary land where gods assigned musical tasks from 9-1, 2-6, and 8-10 each day for eager acolytes to analyze and worship. The mystery of this work of art appearing suddenly in a museum caused concern and some consternation. However the great father Rudolf ascertained that, disturbing though the displacement of the schedule board was, the mighty and powerful work would most certainly be restored to its rightful place in the land known for “Caution, Musicians at Play.”

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