Stephanie Brown, piano

The first of five tours was in 1975-76

I have so many fond memories of the wonderful Music from Marlboro tours I was fortunate enough to have participated in. It was such a privilege as a young person to tour with such amazing musicians and gain the invaluable experience of playing the great works of chamber music night after night. It was not an experience one could have had anywhere else. I always had the feeling that I was taking part in a long, rich and completely unique tradition. I believe that tradition was with us for every concert and lent a sort of sheen to our music making.

One tour I remember vividly was with Peter Zazofsky, Daniel Phillips, Marcy Rosen and I performing a Mozart Trio and the Dvořák E-flat Piano Quartet. This tour was notable for just the sheer joy of it—we were all good friends, and we had the most amazing time traveling together, laughing, having fun, and then in all seriousness walking out on stage every night performing these beautiful works as part of the long tradition of Marlboro music making.

I will always be grateful for my memories of these tours!

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